Jordan Kids Tooth Brush Buddy Super Soft, (5 - 10 Yrs)

Brand: Jordan

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Jordan buddy is a great tool for dental hygiene of your child aged5-10 years. This toothbrush is made with a unique shape and super-soft bristles for comfort and safety during use by the child.the slender neck of jordan buddy can access difficult to reach areas in the mouth of the child.


Features :

  • The rounded, rectangular, slightly wide handle gives your child the perfect grip with minimal stress on the tiny hands.

  • It is made with extremely safe and non-toxic nylon, the bristles are ideal for the wear and tear your little one might put the toothbrush through.

  • Available in several colors and cartoon character prints, this toothbrush shall add a touch of joy to the daily brushing routine of your child.

  • Active Tip Bristles

  • Extra Soft Bristles

  • Gentle to Gums

  • Premium Jordan Quality

  • Broad Handle

  • Oval Head, slim neck



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