Bim 3 - Big Island Milk Follow On Formula 12-24 Months 400Gm


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Prodcut Details Of  BIM 3 - Big Island Milk Follow on Formula 12-24 months 400gm

  • Our BIM 3 Toddler Formula is just what your little one needs to meet their growing dietary needs.

  •  we have produced a formula that has been made from the finest, premium quality Australian cow milk.

  • Furthermore, it has been fortified with nutrients that are superior to cow’s milk and provide your toddler with all the additional nutritional support that is necessary for their new active lifestyle.

  • our supplement is exactly what your toddler needs to maintain their active routine.

  • This drink is packed with top-notch nutrients that not only provide your child with the nutrients that are missing from their diet but it also improves the absorption of
    nutrients from the diet they consume on a daily basis.

  • This toddler formula has been certified HALAL and it is made with 100% vegetarian products.


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