Babyhug Advanced Pant Style Baby Diapers Extra Large - 56 Pieces

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Advanced Pant Style Diaper comes with advanced honeycomb technology which helps in even flow, quick absorption, and dryness up to 12 hours. This special technology helps prevent the heaviness of the diaper which is very important for your baby's comfort.


Features :

  • Soft & Comfortable

  • 12 hours Dryness

  • Anti Rash & Gentle

  • Honeycomb Layer

  • Soft & Flexible Waist Band

Usage :

  • Stretch the Waist Band Of the Diaper By Both Hands

  • Widen the Legs Of the Baby & Insert the Diaper

  • Pull Up the Diaper

How to Remove & Dispose :

  • Tear the Waist Band From Both the Sides

  • Wrap the Soiled Diaper & Throw in a Dustbin

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