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How to Order Home Groceries From Ordernow For Daily Use

In 2020, due to the coronavirus outbreak, people were confined to their homes, so normal grocery shopping disturbed stores. The best contact-less online shopping got applied to grocery stations too. Many eCommerce sites came into the limelight and are sustaining till the date.

Ordernow is a one complete eCommerce store where you can find almost every product you need. So, if you don't have time for physical shopping or are short of time or by any chance can't do grocery shopping, then you can place your order at Order Now.


Before placing your first order, you must be familiar with all the product details, quality, discount, delivery availability, time to be taken for delivery, shipping charges and overall cost. Along with them, you must know how to make an order successfully.


With this blog we aim to make you familiar with the necessary steps you have to take while ordering groceries from Ordernow.

How to Order Groceries with Walmart Grocery

Ordering your groceries online is surprisingly easy. Follow this step-by-step guide to stock your house with your family's favorites:

  1. Create an account at Ordernow.

  2. Fill up all of your address details(province, city, area, street name, sometimes closest landmark )

  3. Start filling your grocery basket by selecting "Add to Cart." Then, browse the departments to find items of your choice. You can check the nutritional facts, ingredients, and other details after clicking on the product.

  4. All orders must hit the Rs30 minimum. Once your order is complete, confirm the delivery location, and pay accordingly. You can use digital wallets, mobile payment, or pay Cash on Delivery.

Points to consider while ordering grocery from Ordernow

  • Provide all authentic information about yourself. 

  • Place orders days or weeks in advance to get delivery on time.

  • Delivery prices vary, but most one-time deliveries cost. 

  • If you choose to order daily consumable items-Soap, Washing powder, Toothpaste, Tea Leaves, Coffee, Biscuits, Bread, Seasonal Fruits, Cake Flavour, Flour, Rice, Daal, Oil, Sausage Egg(Local/Normal), Meat Item- in bulk then, you can choose our GharSewa.

  • For any complaints or messages, you can contact our customer care.

 Not only grocery but at ordernow, we have products that can make your looks and appearance more luxurious. Feel free to share about us to help your friends shop better. For any further details or any queries, feel free to contact us.