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OrderNow’s Ghar SEWA :- A new and exciting practice ever in the Nepalese e-commerce scene.

How do you see the e-commerce scenario of Nepal? Is it just blooming or growing on the right track too? Maybe some of you are satisfied and a few of us might have complaints about e-commerce business in Nepal. If you are looking for something new and interesting coping up with the eCommerce and new normal in Nepal, you are reading the right blog post.

We at Order NOW have been shown up with the new and exciting concept of a subscription model to address the growing needs of Nepalese people. We have named it “Order Now Ghar Sewa Package”.

Writing about the Ghar Sewa Package is a referral-only subscription service model especially initiated to address the groceries and daily home essentials needs. In other words, to become a member first, we must be referred by someone who is either already a member or a company’s team member. Once we become a member, Order Now will deliver your needed stuff to your doorsteps at your convenience.

For this, our service agents will call to assist and facilitate our members’ order lists which in turn will help to feel an online shopping experience at one of Nepal’s premier e-commerce sites- Order Now. Also, customers can simply place their orders via our website, our toll-free number, and even proceed through just giving a miss call.

OrderNow Ghar Sewa | Main Features

  • More than 5000+ Product Choices

As we already mentioned it is a subscription model service, our subscribers will have multiple choices of orders according to their wishes. We will be providing the exact brand, quantity, and quality.

  • Quality

There is not a word called compromise in this Ghar Sewa. Being delivered by OrderNow, which strives to provide the elite shopping experience in Nepal, we hustle 24/7 for the QUALITY. Yes, it stands out when someone says, we must deliver it finely.

  • Friendly and Great Customer Services

Like always from the very initial days of our e-journey, we have been keeping our customers at the core of our works. Be it in the inquiry, or during the delivery, we tend to be friendly as well as humble at the same time.

How can we get enrolled?

Since as mentioned above, it is a referral-only service i.e. at least a prior member of our team members at Order now must refer the new customer to be enrolled.

Here are options,

a.       Our team will send a form, customers can fill it and send it back to us.

b.       Our customer service agent will call to get some basic information from customers, so we can start delivering.

c.       Customer Service Agent(s) will help a short need assessment form over the phone, or online.


What’s special regarding Ghar Sewa Package?

Here are more than a dozen perks besides going digital, keeping up-to-date with the technology, and saving time with Ghar Sewa.

• Free delivery inside Kathmandu Valley on the order of Rs.  500 and above,

• Free “Grab and Go” from Himalayan Corner Organic Mart, Shantinagar, Kathmandu,

• Toll-free number [ 𝟭𝟲𝟲𝟬 𝟬𝟭 𝟳𝟴𝟱𝟱𝟱],

• Our Customer Service Agents will call you weekly on assigned time to take your orders,

• Easy refund and store credit,

• Delivery at your convenient time and day,

• A surprise gift hamper after enrollment,

• A goodie bag -freeze magnet/ pen and order pad and key ring,

• 5% off on Order Now branded organic products,

• Surprise holiday trip for a couple! *

• Exclusive discounts and offers,

• Surprise seasonal fruit and product tasting,

• Birthday Cake -After 6 months of enrollment or 12 consecutive orders,

• Order Now Organic Reward Card,

• Order Now Shopping points (Rs 10= 1points) ( After 20,000 points, the customers will be eligible for a lucky draw to win a domestic family trip up to 4),

Other Incentives

• Refer and enroll a friend, and get 15 percent off on your next grocery delivery, up to the invoice of Rs. 10,000 requirements,

• Monthly order worth Rs. 7,499 is required to be eligible to be enrolled in this program.

• Membership subscription fees of Rs. 2,500 per year.

Thank you for the read. If you find this one a new exercise and it hits you right, you can simply ping us anywhere, from mail to social media we are available to help you out.